The Morris Harvey House

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Harvey House History

The Historic Morris Harvey House was built by R. H. Dickinson and completed in 1902 for Morris and Rosa Harvey. This 3-story, 14-room Queen Anne-style house has five guest areas, seven fireplaces and two antique bathrooms with original clawfoot tubs .
One of the first homes in town to have running water, this house was equipped with an elaborate water gathering system. Rain water was caught running down the roof and directed into an 800 gallon copper cistern which is still located on the second floor.
After the death of Morris Harvey, the house stayed in the Harvey family until 1931. From 1931 to 1953, it served as the parsonage for Methodist ministers. For the next 40 years, there were various owners.
In 1993, the house was purchased by Elizabeth Bush and her husband George Soros. Under their ownership, the house went through extensive renovations, including the restoration of the seven original oak fireplaces with Italian tile. In June of 2021, Natalie Scott and Eric Hatsel acquired the Inn. They continue the high standard of customer service that is a trademark of the Historic Morris Harvey House.
The Morris Harvey House has been placed on the Register of Historic Places by the Department of Interior and has appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, including the book "Historic Inns of West Virginia".